Are Businessmen More Likely To Be Bald?

Stress is an inevitable part of business and if the question is whether businessmen are more likely to be bald, the answer could hold true. Business is all about strategy, planning, roles, responsibilities and living up to them without compromising on anything. All these factors give rise to stress at work. For one, businessmen are definitely quite stressed all through the year and that could contribute to a major tendency of baldness among them.

Is Baldness a Status Symbol Now?

Yet another way to look at it is the fact that bald men are perceived as more intimidating, more confident and more effective at productivity. They also tend to do better in economic and financial matters. This is making more men let their baldness take over. A good number of businessmen are preferring to shave themselves completely to follow the latest trend of a domineering entrepreneur who is bald and bold at the same time.

What are the industry leaders saying?

While this could mean bad news for hair transplant clinics, business leaders are not really bothered. The experts are of the opinion that having hair is not an advantage over not having hair. They are also of the opinion that as a business leader progresses in the industry, more stress is bound to accumulate. It is thus a better idea to shave your heads instead of spending billions every year on hair loss treatments that will probably never work.

It is simply about aiding the companies that dupe a vulnerable man and make him believe that hair restoration is really possible.

However, there are a lot of people out there who would do anything to get their hair back. It is recommended that they do their research and visit the Glasgow Fue Hair Transplant Centre to find effective results. If there are genetic factors behind the baldness, it is unlikely that much can be done about it.